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Well, I'm willing to rewatch it with the Japanese dialogue but the Korean dub wasn't bad at all. The character's voices were pretty accurate but it didn't matter too much because I still don't know what they were saying, as long as there were English subs.

And as with all other Naruto movies, I knew I wasn't going to love this at all.

[Spoiler (click to open)]

But it didn't mean I hated it. I cried at several parts but sometimes I felt like some parts were unnecessary or OOC. I don't know how the ending with Naruto and Iruka made me cry more than Naruto and his actual family. It just did.

And it really was Toad to Ninja. I can't hate the movie because Sage Naruto made an appearance. And the action scenes were really really nice. I felt like they kind of slacked during the village parts and threw all their effort on the fighting, but it paid off. (I got really excited when Naruto fought Tobi. Like wow.)

The Akatsuki being good guys was so random. Like, I know the majority of the other world was fanservice but, please. I was hoping for more of the village guys but I guess they were only a fraction of the thing like Sonic and the other video game guys in Wreck it Ralph. (TBH I really really wanted to see Charai-suke fight. Like, he would be all play-boy like but still be serious and it's kind of hot, the thought. Anyway...) [Edit] But thinking about it, Itachi is a good guy, which left no reason for Sasuke to go Avenger mode, so does that mean this reflects a more accurate Sasuke if Itachi hadn't murdered the Uchiha clan?

I still have no shits to give about Menma. He is practically Naruto. And I don't remember if they explained why he suddenly abandoned home to do whatever he was doing because I don't think anyone mentioned Menma being gone. Unless he's been going under cover missions while still around but what about his black hair and ???????

Also, I feel like the movie was 5/8th Sakura and 3/8th Naruto. I really wanted to slap her when she was complaining about her parents in front of Naruto and had the audacity to mention that Sasuke would stick up for her. I don't hate the girl, I promise I don't. I just don't know what the hell the writers were doing when they did that. ((I get that sometimes things bother you and you really want to vent but it's pretty much whining about being over weight to an obese person.)) And I think some people were freaking out over the Itachi/Sakura thing. That wasn't a thing. Get over it. And I also feel like the NaruSaku faction of the animating team made this movie to counter the NaruHina during the Pein arc.

And... the point of the movie was...? It's about being a ninja? It's about... enduring??? Sacrifice and heroes...? I'm... ...?

if you see an anonymous comment that says this:

he and tobi fused the moment naruto and sakura were sent to the alternate world. the tobi you see in the alternate reality is like a transparent manifestation of his presence. it's in naruto wikia, you can search for menma (movie) there. the part where you see tobi actually entering menma's body is basically him returning to his own body (which is fused with menma's). at least that's what i understood.

... which i believe has been screened, that was me being stupid (and sleep-deprived, which is why i had to edit this) for forgetting to log back in.

Edited at 2013-04-03 06:03 am (UTC)
Ohhhhh, that makes a little bit more sense now. Thanks. =w=