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I have my fair share of het ships, but most of my OTPs happen to be BL. I just think that a lot of het pairs are portrayed really dull and because it's het, apparently that makes it okay.

It mostly just aggravates me when the female character is emotionally weakened, to the point that I can't imagine it anymore. I'm thinking about Nami from One Piece and Sakura from Naruto. I mean, yeah, they're girls, and Sakura cries and she is very emotional based, but I can't see her submitting to any one so easily. Like Hikari from Pokemon. If anyone tried to make a move on her she would do something about it.

Reasons I can't find any good SaiSaku because Sai is usually portrayed all creepy-like. Along with how I realized that not everyone will have the same opinion as I and SasuSaku will be there and dlskfjdlfkjeslk nope nope nope.



*rolls off*

God, I know how you feel. I don't want to read much fics of my biggest het OTPs so I don't often see things like that but most of the time, it pisses me off. It even happens for my homo ships... like, don't blow things out of proportion and completely rewrite a character for the sake of it, that's not how it works (COUGHshinjiCOUGH it's not even funny anymore, if you don't understand a character, don't write about him). I get really bugged with misconceptions, especially when it's about my favorite characters... that's probably the reason why I don't wanna read much fics anymore.

And I feel the same about Sakura and Hikari. They wouldn't let anyone get away with their shit! They aren't like that!