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Just some head canons/mind fic/things I want to happen so I might draw/write stuff in the futureCollapse )

I wonder if anyone stayed long enough to read this entire thing.
It makes me incredibly sad when I can count the number of supporters for a ship.

I'm looking at you RanLay. OTL
SPOILERS but mostly my thoughts on the Randall, Hershel, Henry and AngelaCollapse )

Well, yesterday was Comashipping Day and it was pretty awesome. >w< Huge pic spam on tumblr and kirika_desu's long picture commentary and over all, everyone just being happy and loving and celebrating our OTP.

Had a conversation with zin0 about Coma lemons and I forgot that I had converted the rest of this fic into a lemon. I was thinking about posting it for her, just because, but I went over it and I can't stop crying because holy shit, I just made my babies fuck and it's incredibly odd but I have the weirdest boner now.

Because writing Satoshi and sex is a big no-no in my opinion. (How would I keep him in character?) Especially because I didn't age either of them and Shinji is really predatory. >3>

If I ever get around to finishing my other one though, I want to put that one up, because at least they're age appropriate and not all clueless and pokemon battles. Not that age has been a problem for me, it's more about the time period and where they are in the series. (Like, Kanto-Sato vs DP-Sato or DP6-Shinji and DP100-Shinji)

Not that same mental breakdown as this post, it's different, I swear.

Shall I post?
Dear Wendy,

You didn't disappoint me in my previous use of you, but I was an idiot for killing everyone and Zeiss off so I wasn't able to get a proper ending. BUT, this time, I plan on making you awesome BUT YOU ARE DISAPPOINTING ME IN EVERYWAY. Your brother Bors is 2 levels below you and better than you in every way. What are you doing girl?

-From a disappointed tactitian

Dear Chad & Lou,

I didn't mean to use you guys again, it was supposed to be temporary.

...I can't stay away from you boys though, you two are just too amazing and I love you two and don't stop being an awesome team now. <3

-Never not use OTP

Dear Tate,

I never used you, never will, because you killed Lilina. (I suppose it was my fault for not using her this round.) But I don't like you. Thany is cute, but you have nothing going for you.

-Never a big fan of pegasus knights anyway.

Dear Sue,

Girl, waht r u doin. I don't remember you being this... bleh. Wolt is even doing a better job than you and that boy always gives me problems.

So I just started a chapter 2 of Ice Cream Syndrome, even though it was supposed to be a one shot thing.

Why did I just do this to myself.
There's this thing I do when I write Pokemon fanfiction and it's that I have this mind set that the story is set like an episode and by the end of the fic, it should go back to Satoshi on his journey like fic never happened.

Which was why I was going to end Gaining From Loss with one last chapter but then I realized I didn't have to keep it like that. I already threw them off canon since they took the route to Pastoria affter Hearthome instead of to Veilstone first so I might as well roll with it.

So... maybe the development of an actual romantic relationship may actually happen in a fic I write...

And I'm most likely going to change the name of the title.
So I was watching Adventure Time with the little one yesterday and I watched "What was Missing" again, AKA the big UST fest between Marceline and BubbleGum. I don't know how anyone can watch that without thinking they have something going on between them. (I mean, unless you're a kid or don't own a pair of shipping goggles.)

I ship them, yes I do. I've noticed a bit about my GL ships that there's usually a more strong, independent girl and the other one is a sweet heart. Not saying PB n Marceline fit the stereotype even though their color schemes do. (Because we all know PB is a bad ass.)

So Imma talk about my ships and how I ship them and some head canons and what not.

Samus x PeachCollapse )

Nozomi x Hikari (Appealshipping)Collapse )

Greta x SagaCollapse )

Also, I just finished Madoka Magika. I don't ship Homura/Madoka like I thought I might have. (They definitely do have good color scheme match...) I just don't know though. Obviously I love their relationship more than the others, like Sayaka/Madoka or Mami/Madoka, since Homura's was much more tragic and just so heart breaking.

Kirika-chan, this is why I can not write a manifesto by myself. Because my thoughts are everywhere but I make no points at all in the end. ._.
I've been hearing this song a lot on the radio. I didn't care too much for the song back then but I knew it because someone made a Comashipping AMV using the song. It was like, really old, back when Shinji probably only have 4 episodes or something and I don't even remember what the AMV was like since Youtube took it down. But listening to the song again, I really liked the instruments and the guy's voice and I suddenly got a burst of Coma-feels.

So here is Adam Lambert's Whataya Want From Me.

He looked alot younger than I imagined...

Adding to the ComaFST because I said so.