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[Gaining From Loss] - Omake
Length: Chapter - Incomplete
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Adventure/Romance
Warning(s): BL, Swearing
Character(s): Ash, Paul, others
Pairing(s): Paul x Ash
Summary: After thrown into certain situations, Ash and Paul must work together to get back what was lost and make it out alive.
Author's Notes: This is a little omake that fits in between chapter 1 and 2. (If anyone even remembers what happened then.) I held it off from being posted because I wanted the climax to be at least a little suspenseful.
Chapters: [1][2][3 & 4][5][6][7]

“Pikapi!” Pikachu yelled as he watched in horror his trainer fall from the cliff. He clawed and bit at the Butterfree net that held him and the wild Quagsire but it had no effect on the netted material.

“How’s it going down dere Pikachu? Are ya ready to become a member of dah great Team Rocket?”

Pikachu glared at the scratch cat pokemon that taunted him from the green basket above. His cheeks sparked with electricity while Meowth laughed at the yellow rodent’s misery.


Collective screams of pain came from the balloon basket above the two pokemon, followed by an explosion. Pikachu knew what came next. He braced himself as the hot air balloon was blown up and sent the various parts flying in different directions

“How are we blasting off this time?!!!”

Team Rocket yelled as they shot off into a random direction and disappeared from view with a


Pikachu and the Quagsire screamed as they flew through the air, soaring until gravity pulled them down. They crashed through many branches and twigs, which ripped open the net and the two pokemon fell to the forest floor with a thud.

“Pika…?” Pikachu asked as he sat up, lifting a paw to rub his furry head.

“Quag?” The Quagsire sat up, though it seemed unfazed by all the events it just went through.

It looked at Pikachu and cocked its head to the side.

Pikachu was startled when the mudfish pokemon suddenly started to cough and hack. It choked up several pokeballs, much to Pikachu’s surprise. After it up chucked six shrunken pokeballs, the Quagsire turned away and left the electric rodent by itself.


The electric mouse sniffed at the balls, wondering if there were pokemon inside them, and if those pokemon had a trainer. He poked his nose to enlarge one of the balls covered in slimy Quagsire saliva.


Pikachu jumped back as the giant Grass/Ground type dinosaur turtle appeared from the confines of the ball. The Torterra looked around several times before spotting the tiny rodent standing in front of him.

“Torterra? Terra?”

Pikachu gasped. This Torterra knew him. If that was the case, then the trainer of the Torterra must have known Ash.

“Pikachu, pika pika?”


Torterra checked his surroundings and spotted the other five pokeballs. He stomped over to one and asked Pikachu to release another pokemon.



The Dark/Flying type landed herself on Torterra’s head. She saw that there was no battle and her trainer was nowhere in sight.

“Krow? Murkrow? Murkrow murkow?”

Murkrow laughed at her own joke. Torterra just rolled his eyes. He knew better that their trainer wouldn’t abandon them all at once. Torterra had been with his trainer since he was a Turtwig and he had a lot more faith in their trainer than the rest of them combined. Something must have happened to him for his whole team to be left unattended.

“Pika…chu pika?”

“Torterra terra.”

Pikachu was right, these pokemon belonged to Paul. He figured that this must have been the reason Ash’s rival had been so desperate to catch the Quagsire, because it had stolen his team of pokemon.

“Pika pikachu chu.”

If Pikachu was separated from Ash and Paul’s pokemon from their trainer, they should work together to find them. That was the smartest thing to do.

“Torterra terra torterra tor.”

Pikachu sadly shook his head. He had no idea where he was at the moment. He also had no clue on how to find Ash or his friends. Torterra shook Murkrow off his head.

“Torterra torterra tor.”

“Krow murkrow!”


Of course! Murkrow was a flying type; she would be able to get help. Perhaps Dawn and Brock had already sent out Ash’s Staravia to look for them. Things were looking brighter already, until Pikachu remembered what happened when he last saw Ash. He began to worry for the safety of his trainer and hoped that Paul would at least take care of him if anything happened. Knowing Paul, Pikachu really had to hope.


---- Go to Chapter 1 - 2 - 3 & 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - Omake - 8----

This was also written at the time that chapter 1/2 was written, so if the style is off/different/weird, then you know why.

Also, I realized I would have to go revise Team Rocket's entry in chapter 7 because I forgot that no one knew that this happened. That, or I should plug this part into one of the older chapters. What do you guys think?
so that's how pikachu and paul's pokemon got away. i so want more of this story.

I really should start the next chapter... But I don't want to because it's probably going to be the last one and I suck at endings. Boo.