So I started reading the CCS manga and I just died when I was reminded that Fujitaka is an archaeology professor. You probably know where this is going.

So if I ever I write a Layton fanfic (which is probably never), I kind of want an AU where Randall is 10 years younger than Hershel and is a student of his. (You know where this is going.)

They would have met once before when Randall was 17 (high school) and Hershel 27 (college). Miracle Mask never happens and Hershel has a different reason for going into archaeology. (whatever that is) [Claire would still be a love interest of his, but she dies.] I don't know what the circumstances are but they meet and have a talk about history and fossils and what not and they kind of bond but they never exchanged contacts or anything.

They don't meet again until Randall decides to attend college at GressenHeller and takes the Prof's classes. He becomes the top student and somewhat of the teacher's pet? (Rosetta is going to be so angry) Randall goes to office hours a lot and becomes friends with Flora and Luke.

Angela is Randall's age and they're supposed to be engaged. Henry is Hershel's age though and Randall's butler that has secret-not-so-secret feelings for his master. Henry warns Hershel to stay away from his master Randall and Hershel is confused. =| (Henry would be Sonomi, er, I guess.)

Also because I ship Clive/Layton as well, Clive will be the same age as Randall and they both go to class and have a crush on the Prof and Clive is his main rival for the Prof's attention.

The Prof is uke btws. XP

Not sure where the rest of the story goes, but I liked the basis. Might write a one shot about it. Maybe.