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So I finally started the Shin Monshou no Nazo with the self insert, and despite me hating Altea and the graphics, it's still a FE game, so I'm going to fall in love with something.

Most of my comments are at tumblr, where I was liveblogging it (here) They get fewer and fewer since I'm more focused on the maps and there's less lolly-gagging between us fake characters.

I'm also appreciating Marth a lot more. I admit I was really tired of him in his own game but I don't know if it's because my character serves under him and defends him but Marth is kind of cool, I guess.

I used to be a huge Marth fangirl when I knew nothing about him except for Midorikawa Hikaru and Dolphin Slash and Hey guys look at me, and then I got tired of him in Smash Brothers where I started hating the sight of him anywhere. Playing FE again though, maybe I can give Shin Shadow Dragon another chance. Maybe.

The graphics will never be as cute as the GBA ones though.
(Deleted comment)
I actually didn't use Sheeda this game. Catria is pretty good though.
(Deleted comment)
Never knew you were a Peg Knight person.