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This is just a story of how my life got flipped turned upside down when I entered the Layton fandom.

I thought the fandom was pretty chill from the outside, but I was so wrong because every fandom is the same.

I never thought it would come to it, but there is such thing as a ship war in the Layton fandom. And it makes me sad because I'm kind of part of it.

RanLay vs Hendo


I'm not in a happy place.

I don't mind Henry/Randall. I really don't. But there are just some days I really can't stand it. I mean.

This leads me to another case/point I wanted to make. It'll probably make me a hypocrite but, eh.

You know how people like a popular pairing because it's so "obvious"? I feel like Henry's emotions/feelings for Randall are really strong and definitely obvious, but I can't see Randall reciprocating it just as much. Same with Naruto and Sasuke. Naruto loves Sasuke way too much but Sasuke wouldn't even care. I'm also thinking Soren and Ike, where Soren would do anything for Ike but Ike only sees Soren as his really emotionally crippled friend who needs lots of attention and love.

...It's very one sided, so it bothers me to no end when they claim the other person is the one in love with the first.




I'm just going to... *crawls into happy RanLay hole sobbing*

Aww, it's okaayy : D

I love both of the pairings (and then feel bad because RanLay was my otp long before I even knew Henry existed, but then the Hendo scenes happened in the end and....) but I can see what you're saying about the onesided-ness.

Hehe, I pretty much ship all of them as one-sided anyway, Henry->Randall->Layton->puzzles