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So I flew back to the Naruto fandom and, well, nothing much has changed.

I can't really say I'm more "tolerable" of NaruSasu, but I still get really icky feelings when I think about certain things, but I try not to let it bother me so much. I suppose Naruto is really more "in character" in NS, but I want to see my hero broken down and beaten and vulnerable, both physically and emotionally, so, yeah, there's no way around it. When I say "in character" it mostly pertains to that fact that he is still a teenage boy with hormones, and he's more open with wanting to get it on. So yeah, I can say that he would be initiator of more intimate stuff. ((My head canon says yes, he starts it, but he takes it up the butt first so he doesn't scare Sasuke, and then Sasuke turns into a sex maniac because he really misses intimacy. Not saying he won't let Naruto have his turn, it's just... he doesn't as often. ^^;))

Also, it's incredibly boring when Sasuke is an emotional wreck because he's always an emotional wreck. Which is why I like the asshole boyfriends to be more in charge, because they have to get over themselves and take care of someone else for a change. (I'm looking at you too Mr.DL6)

Uh... I thought I had more to write about before...

Ahhh, just let me go through my SasuNaru feels. Listening to No Rain, No Rainbow, (I haven't checked out the lyrics) but the title itself makes me feel like it's about struggling through something difficult before you can see the beauty of something. Which gives me more hope that Naruto will bring the asshole back and yay happy ending. (Also, the end of Bonds, when Naruto just has the biggest smile on his face while in Amaru's arms as Hinata is telling Sakura about how they met Sasuke while up there. Ahhhh, my heart.) I feel like the movie could have been a lot better (as with all the other Naruto movies) but I'm glad they kept them in character more than the first Shippuden movie. (As in, hebi-Sasuke is easiest to keep IC actually.)

Hate/love relationship with the Naruto anime. Like, the endings/openings are beautiful (By My Side, Diver, Cascade, Nagareboshi, etc.) and sometimes very fanservice-y but sometimes I lose track of what the series is trying to tell me with their relationship. Like that random 3 episode arc in the middle of the war to recap everything we knew about the two's relationship, it's been animated and reanimated so many times I forget what's canon and the actual mood is gone. Like I don't quite remember either of the boys hoping to stop their attacks while on the roof top (nearly killing Sakura) because they were supposed to be too into the fight to know what was going on. The recap had them begging themselves to stop and they ended the episode with Cascade, so of course I was a sobbing mess, but how much of that was real, I don't know anymore.

I don't remember the point of this post. Just... SN. ...Yeah. ((Someone has to link me to a fic that explains what was going on in the Michi to You All "OVA"))

With that, I'll end with Mayonaka no Orchestra.

(The audio on this one is higher pitched than the actual song but this one had lyrics on it, and it just makes the whole video a whole lot deeper. Here's one with the correct audio)

NaruSasu is only tolerable when they don't exaggerate it so much. Or if it's a lemon, then I just steer away.

Yeah, the extended one where Sakura, Ino and Hinata are narrating? I've seen that. =3= It's hard to look for a fic like it because it's a school AU and there's so many of them.