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Well, it's been a week already but I feel like I should record my adventures, even if nothing huge happened aside from the con itself.

Day 1

Getting on the train station with a giant lumpy book bag and a stuffed duffel bag, dressed in a mini skirt and high heeled boots during rush hour was not my ideal way of starting a convention weekend. But still, what can I do about it. I met my friend and we waited for the High School babies to gather. (My two friends were invited to go and we had to "chaperone" my old HS's anime club but I didn't mind too much.) There was some traffic on the way, so we were late by an hour or half but whatever, we already missed a lot of Friday's con.

Also, the train system in Boston is shit. I'll talk more about that on Day 3.

We stayed at the Midtown Hotel, which was a block and a half away from the con, so that was great. The weather was shit for all three days, and even the short distance away from the con was hell. Ugh.

I was Hime Yarizakura for Friday and it was the first time with a wig. ...I hated it, the thing was a little too tight and my hair bands too big and it just got all messed up in the back because of her scarf. Ah well. Someone recognized me and asked for a pic, so it was all good. (I usually dress up as Hime, and I have at least one person as for a pic/recognize me, so that's always a good thing.)

Ran around the Dealer's Room first looking for doujin. OTP's over priced expensive doujin with nothing that interested me. I found the other guy somewhere else and managed to find a Germerica and a shota-America doujin. Score. Bought some other stuffs. Also, I wanted a Sai poster and I didn't realize they gave me the wrong one until I got back to my hotel that night. (Luckily they let me exchange it for the Rock Lee they gave me. I mean, I wouldn't mind having Lee, but the extra poster was Sasori, and no thanks.)

Also commissioned things. The Art Room/Show where the auctions took place didn't have anything amazing that I wanted. (Unlike last year where there was life size model of the Ragnell but I lost the bid. Le sob.)

Day 2

Woke up pretty early because the people I room with don't know that you're supposed to be considerate and stfu if other people are still sleeping even if you want to get up. Whatever.

So I got in my Sai cosplay and I freaked out a good ten minutes about how big my boobs were that two sports bras didn't compress my chest down enough. I had to used some safety pins but it turned out okay at the end.

Bag check was a hassle that there was one point were the con line was almost all the way down one section of the mall. Like wow.

I found an online friend and got her pic and autograph and being the socially awkward thing that I am, I ran off, telling her I had to meet with someone even though I didn't for another hour. ...I'm just really nervous like that. (I will do this again with another online friend.)

And even though I was a Naruto character, I avoided eye contact with every Naruto cosplayer that day until the photoshoot. I was really nervous even though I wanted to say hi and ugh, I"m just really bad at this.

So I waited for friends to get me food while I sat in the hallway recharging my stuff and collecting street passes. I managed to get 100 tags in one day, hoorah. XD I got most of my recent puzzle pieces as well. I actually enjoy sitting in the hall and doing so. It's kind of fun watching people go by and snapping pics of cosplayers. Then the Kodansha panel my friend wanted to go to.

NARUTO PHOTOSHOOT!!! was the highlight of my con experience. I met a really cute Karin and her Sakura friend (who made me extremely happy when she asked for a photo with me hours prior to the photoshoot) and they were really cute. uwu Also there was a really good looking Sasuke (like, hair over his eyes and perfect posture and all. I can understand why girls would swoon over him now because hot damn) and I thought he was together with Karin but they looked really cute together. (They weren't together. I didn't find out until I FB friended them. ^^;) Also, I was able to meet a Naruto cosplayer that I had met at BakuretsuCon in 2011. I had a huge crush on her and I as able to confront her and, I just liked being able to get it off my chest. (I still can't find her on FB though. le sigh) I was able to get shots for both my OTPs, so I was happy. uwu

After that, I rushed off to go change for the Formal Ball. I was Hime in formal. It was cold and I swear I'm certain I caught something the next few days from lack of sleep and cold. But anyway, the ball was neat. I caught the shuttle and danced with a few people. It was so awkward. I can't dance. Bag check was four fucking dollars. Blech. Also snapped a pic of Kakashi dancing with a few guys, including Minato and Tobirama. I would liked to ask one of those guys to dance but I'm not sure if that's okay for a girl to ask a guy to dance.

Then I left a little before the dance was over because I was hungry and my amazing friends bought me Panda Express and food and tired and headache and sleep.

Day 3

I had a dream that the Kindergarteners that I watch at my job almost fell off the Boston train tracks. Ack.

I was Rosetta Stone from Professor Layton on Sunday and I really hated how mismatched I was. But everything turned out pretty well, two people recognized me, one who was zillabean and we took pics together with her topless Layton boyfriend.

Also, the Ace Attorney panel was kind of fun. I was a little late for the Charity auction and by then there were no good things left.

Last minute shopping at the Dealer's Room and we were by the Yaoi section when I hear a Chinese couple browsing. The girl said "oh, there's BL. Do you know what that is?" and the guy was like "Um... Oh wait, it has the men right?" and the Asian clerk and I thought it was hilarious because they were speaking in Cantonese and it's kind of nice hearing it when I'm not at home.

Also, the very attractive Sasuke from Saturday recognized me out of my Sai cosplay. *mental cheering*

So I was in charge of bag check and Emily (I forget your LJ name) got us lost and we were a little late but whatever. I was also being an angry person when I guided the babies back to the train station.

Oh, and the reason the Boston train system is flawed is because people can help you get a free ride if you coming from the inside. And that was exactly what happened when we were leaving. ...After we had spent 5 minutes buying a ticket for all 12 of us. ...The man just got 12 free tickets after we told him that we weren't from around there.

The rest is history, bus ride home and I'm reading my newly purchased things. I also don't think I spent as much as I usually do. (At least $100 but less than $200 I think, on merchandise.) I guess I have been holding back more, or have more willpower to not buy everything in sight. I'm afraid I might be growing out of conventions because I really want to cosplay more and do photoshoots.

All photos on tumblr and Facebook.
Damn. Cons are expensive, huh? Sometimes I just think I'll never go to one, and other times, I get interested. Not like I can do anything about it though. I'm a 15 year old girl with no job, no money, and can barely even sew buttons on a shirt. Okay, well, perhaps that was a bit of an exaggeration, but you get my drift.

Well, anyway, seems like you had fun. That's good. Also, nice pictures.