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Yes. I'd like some betas please? It's going to be a chapter fic. Don't ask. D=

It's a Comashipping fic. =X

"I'll go get it!" The black haired trainer yelled to his two friends as he grabbed two empty containers used for water. His best friend, the yellow rodent, Pikachu snatched a bucket that also needed to be filled.

"Okay, thanks Ash!" One of said friends, Brock yelled back. The tall and dark breeder was stirring his soup cautiously, making sure to get the perfect texture and the proper flavor. The other friend, Dawn, a Pokemon Coordinator, was preparing the table for three.

Meanwhile, their pokemon, of all sizes, colors and shapes, were setting up a big blanket and empty bowls on the lush green grass. Piplup and Buneary, along with Ambipom and Buizel were carrying dishes, placing them in the proper arrangements. Staravia, Turtwig and Sudowoodo held cans of Pokechow in assorted flavors. Croagunk watched from a tree nearby, in case anything were to happen, it would be good backup, like it always is. Happiny and Pachirisu were playfully oblivious to the work being done, but none minded, they were children (or had the mind of one) after all.

It was near noon, which meant it was lunch time, and not a Pokemon Center was in sight. The group decided to settle there for a meal before picking up again. The next town wouldn't be until a few days travel, so there wasn't much to look forward to.

Ash pushed his way passed thick branches and bushes in the woods. There was supposed to be a river nearby, the rushing waters could be heard from the forest clearing where they had set up camp. Finally stepping out of the thickets, the boy made it to the running water source. Pikachu followed shortly, the bucket handle firmly gripped in his yellow paws. The trainer dipped an empty bottle into the cool, flowing water, waiting until the thing was completely filled.

As he was about to put down the full container, he saw a blob of blue floating to the water's surface. The blob slowly bobbed up and down the water, two small beads for eyes blinked at the trainer and Pikachu. Ash then realized that it was a pokemon staring back at him, and relaxed a bit. Pikachu waved at the creature, his own bucket of water already filled. The pokemon didn't react, but it suddenly splooshed into the river, as if sensing danger.

A moment later, rustling from bushes on the other side of the river was heard. Ash averted his attention to the source of the noise, a very familiar trainer jumped out from the forest. As frustrated as ever, Paul stomped up to the edge of the river. He spotted Ash and his Pikachu from the other side, but ignored them, as if they weren't there at all.

The blue pokemon submerged from its dive, slowly swimming down the river. Upon seeing the pokemon, Paul jumped across some stepping stones that lay a path to the other side.

"Hey you, catch that Quagsire!"

Ash blinked, but then realized that he was being spoken to. The pokemon was in fact a Quagsire, and for some reason Paul was asking him to catch it. He lifted a hand up in some sad attempt at grabbing the mudfish pokemon but apparently it knew his intentions and hurriedly jetted off. Paul had landed a few feet next to him, not missing a moment.

"You're useless you know that."

He sprinted after the water type, not taking another glance at the other trainer. Ash stood up and a huge frown on his face. He was not about to let that guy insult him and get away with it. He ran after Paul, willing to prove that he wasn't good for nothing.

"Pikachu, maybe you can slow it down with a ThunderBolt?"

The yellow mouse nodded and let loose a stream of electricity aiming for the Quagsire. The blue mudfish pokemon didn't seem to be fazed by the attack and carried on down stream.

"Are you stupid or really trying to get on my nerves? Quagsire is a ground type and not at all affected by Electric type attacks." Paul yelled without turning around.

"Well, do you want my help or not?" Ash growled back but didn't stop running. "Maybe a Quick Attack will knock it out of the water?" Pikachu complied and dashed towards the blue Ground type.

"Quagsire!" "P-Pika!"

Pikachu had been able to smash into the water type but the impact of the attack didn't send it very far. The electric rodent slipped against the Quagsire's rubbery skin and fell into the rushing waters. Gasping for breath, Pikachu resurfaced but struggled to get back ashore.

"Pikachu!" Ash was just about to jump into the water, but he collided against Paul's back, who had stopped running. "Hey! Watch it!" He glared at the purple haired trainer, but the other had his attention up at the sky. Looking up too, Ash was able to spot a very familiar hot air balloon in the shape of a Meowth head.

"Listen, is that a voice I hear?"

"It's speaking to me very loud and clear."

"Go away Team Rocket, you're not wanted now!"

Jessie felt a vein burst. "Hey you! What right do you have interrupting us like that?!"

"Forget it Jessie, I'll just get the net." With that James pushed a button on a remote he had produced from seemingly nowhere. From the bottom compartment of the balloon, a big Butterfree net shot out and scooped both pokemon out of the water.

"Nyahaha! We've got what we want." Meowth jumped up into view. "So, now we scram." Pushing another button on the remote held by James, the balloon casket suddenly grew turbo rockets and sped off.

"You're not getting away that easily!" Ash growled and reached down to his belt for Staravia's pokeball. His fingers met air and he realized his pokemon were back at the base with Dawn and Brock. He bit his lip and glanced over at Paul.

The other trainer didn't look like he was going to do anything. No, no way was Ash going to ask for his help, Pikachu might be at stake but so was his pride. With a low growl, Ash pushed past him and ran after the balloon. His feet weren't a match for the turbo rockets and by now the hovering Meowth head was almost too far away to catch. His chest was nearly out of air, but he would not give up, he was going to save Pikachu, even if his lungs exploded in the process.

The balloon flew over the edge of the cliff where the river cascaded down the steep piece of land. Determination flooded his brown eyes, Ash stopped nearly a foot away from the edge. Then, using all his might, he leapt. The Team Rocket members gawked at his feat, nearly dropping the remote that held the confined Pikachu and Quagsire.

His hand swiped at the green basket. Missed. Then he tried to hang onto the Butterfree net and missed that too. Then he realized gravity was still in play and he fell. Before any sort of scream could leave his mouth, he felt someone grab a hold of his arm. Ash looked up and saw that it was Paul who had caught him. He wasn't out of danger yet because the other trainer seemed to be struggling to hold onto the ledge with his other hand.

"You're an idiot, you know that?"

Paul had muttered that under his teeth before the rocks beneath his fingers crumbled and the two trainers plummeted.

And that's it for chapter one. I also need a title. Any suggestions?

---- Go to Chapter 1 - 2 - 3 & 4 - 5 - 6 ----
He spotted Ash and his Pikachu from the other side, but ignored them, as if they weren't there at all.

I read that as He spotted his Ash. Oh hoh hoh... *gets shot* Well, it's still early in the morning... See that! My burning love and passion for Comashipping hasn't been put out just yet!

You know what? You should go to Japan and to wherever they write the Pokemon episodes and demand that you become a writer as well. This is really good, and I think that you don't need a beta at all.
Har har. XD

;_; Y-you really mean that? *grabs your hand* You're too kind. *wibble*
*takes hand* I'm sure you will make a fine writer, my dear friend. *nods* Actually, I really do think you should replace one of the writers! Then we'll have more Comashipping hints to go around! =D *gets shot*
XD I'm not that good. But YES. I would like to do that. X3
Well, you're definitely better than me. :p

Oh, and I have a present for you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXrc6YND8aY
Haha! Lol! I love how Satoshi had multiple costumes. Wheres that song and original animations from anyways? Is it the next thing after Caramelldansen?
Well, I dunno who done it... It was done by the same person who made this Tales version of it though. Yeah, it could be the next thing after Caramelldansen... xD I'm addicted to it. I can't stop watching it... (Not the Satoshi one, but if Shinji manages to get in that, I probably will xD)
Get on AIM so I can send you the revised version with corrections / suggestions in colors.
Hurray! A fic! XD This must be the fic you said you we're supposed to be working on, else you won't be motivated. ^^

I don't wanna go English teacher on you because, heck, I make these problems too.

Ash pushed his way passed thick branches and bushes in the woods.

It should be "past." Or you could just say "Ash passed thick branches, etc." but that wouldn't sound as cool. XD

Also, just some independent/dependent sentence fragment things.

Determination flooded his brown eyes, Ash stopped nearly a foot away from the edge.

You can just separate them to two sentences, or say "Determination flooding his brown eyes, etc."

Just minor things. Otherwise, great jorb! *thumbs up* ;9 Stupid heartless thick eyebrowed bastard. You really do care! :3 ("You saved me!" *stares* *PUNCHA* LOL.)
Haha, yes, that was the thing I was writing a while ago. ^^; Finally got off my lazy ass to complete chapter 1.

Haha, it's okay, I did ask for betas. I've fixed those things after Shinmao sent me the corrections.

XD Of course he does, why else would he be stalking him?
LOLOLOL. Of course! It's his profession. XD
\o/ Why hadn't I caught this sooner? Or maybe I did, but it slipped my mind. That's possible.

FFFFFF, great first chapter. And also, sexy cliff-hanger you got there (PUN INTENDED, PUN INTENDED).

I do like how you added TR in this too. They...really don't show up in a lot of fics (then again, they take up a little too much time in the anime, so I don't blame the writers).

Everything Ash did, IMO, seemed totally in character (esp. that thunder bolt on Quagsire. He'd so do that). Paul too. Especially with his insults and not saying shit. Like the ass he is.

And I agree with the first commenter. This kinda seems like a real PKMN episode in itself. Only better. XD
A year ago? Iunno, I might have forgotten it too if I wasn't the one that wrote it.

I believe a writer needs to include all the characters that are actually there. And that means Dawn and Brock and Pikachu not randomly disappearing so Ash and Paul can have their time together. (Although that would be great.)

Thanks, I always feel better when I know I wrote them in character. That's usually my main priority other than getting the actually plot out.