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Rants of a Starving Artist

(will draw for food)

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starving artist
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:: Vulpixi Misa ::

That's my name, and don't wear it out. Also please spell it right... (None of this Vulpix Misa, Vulpixi Mesa, or the worse Vulpixie Misu) And why Vulpixi Misa? Well, you know that fox pokemon number 37? Yeah, Vulpix, that's the one, and Pretty Sammy's rival, Pixi Misa? Yeah, what do you get when you put them together? Yes.

Artist - Hopeless Romantic - Fangirl </b>

That basiclly sums up who this "me" is. Now if you were to go "in depth" or whatever, you'll find a few more things. Like... I like games, but don't really enjoy RPGs. (Pokemon doesn't count though...) Despite my "hopeless romantic"-ness, I'm not interested in finding anyone right now. And even though I like drawing, I wish never to be a manga-ka. (You'll see that me and boxes do not get along very well...) I sometimes write, not all the time, but I can when I feel like it. I'm not the best at it, so critique is totally welcome, especially on spelling. *dies*

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